Victory of the Light Tours


Sayed Adli comes from a family who has lived on the Giza Plateau amongst the pyramids for more than 400 years. Sayed himself has been playing and working in the pyramids ever since he was five years old. Sayed has actively practiced the art of meditation for over 20 years, and it is his cherished dream to be a part of bringing the Victory of the Light to our world, establishing a new era of peace for all people everywhere. In order to fulfill this mission, Sayed organizes tours of the pyramids which are so very dear to his heart, in order to share the many secrets of the pyramids with others. People who have participated in Sayed's meditational tours report a renewed sense of peace, revitalized energies and clarity of focus after being amongst the pyramids and experiencing them along with Sayed in one of these unique tours.

All tours are inclusive of transportation to and from Cairo International Airport, hotels, restaurant quality food, entertainment, all entrance fees, taxes, and transportation among sites.

Sayed offers 5 unique touring packages:

  1. BulletTOUR 1:  A seven day tour of the pyramids on the Giza Plateau.

  1. BulletTOUR 2:  A ten day tour of the pyramids in Giza, with additional visits to Cairo and Alexandria.

  1. BulletTOUR 3:   A two week tour of the pyramids at Giza, Luxor, and Aswan, including a visit to Alexandria.

  1. BulletTOUR 4:  Healing Secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids - special visits to the pyramids for healing and meditation, including a special nighttime visit to the pyramids for an explanation beneath the stars of the meaning of the orientation of the pyramids.

  1. BulletTOUR 5:  An Alternative History of the Egyptian Pyramids - includes visits to Saqqara and the Sphynx with a master teacher for an in depth explanation of the true purpose of the pyramid complex during the times of ancient Atlantis and a specially arranged climb to the top of the Great Pyramid.

It is also possible to do modified or partial packages for all listed tour packages.

Experience the Heart of Egypt

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